What some of our Customers say about Faulkners Earthworks...

I would recommend “Faulkners Earthworks” to everyone from the basic backyarder to the new home developer, he completes projects with superior finishing, he takes pride and ownership over his work.

I have known Peter, from Faulkners Earthworks for over 12 years. I employed his services based on another contractor’s advice, and in all seriousness I have always employed his services and I don’t bother to look around.

During the times I have contracted “Pete” I have invited him to quote a project, start times and completion dates, off which straight up front he has been honest with pricing and honorable to start dates; has never let me down, with trenching, holes, rock & sandstone retainer walls and is very fastidious with site clean ups.

“In business these days we need contractors we can trust. Peter has been part of our award winning business for many years. We understand a quality home starts from the ground up. Peter has always discussed the options prior to commencement to ensure our clients get the outcome they expect.

Faulkner’s Earthworks has become a vital part of our business. Together we have worked on over 400 house sites, multiple large unit projects etc. Each time Peter has been professional, punctual & reliable.

I would highly recommend Faulkners Earthworks for projects.”

Sandstone Blocks Supply and Installation in Toowoomba:  For Supply and installation of sandstone retaining walls in Toowoomba, please call our recommended installer Peter Faulkner Earthmoving 0438 719 708.

I have used Faulkners Earthworks for over 13 years.  The reason I use Peter is because he saves me money!  Peter is without a doubt, the best bobcat operator I have come across.  What it takes some operators to do, Peter can do in half the time.  Everyone that sees Peter on a bobcat says how quick he gets the job done and how neat the job is at the finish. 

Peter screeds all our dust on slab preps with the leveling bar in a quarter of the time it takes to do it by hand.  Not only is Peter great on the bobcat leveling, he is also very good at digging footings with the chain digger.  We save so much time with the chain digger as well as concrete.  This is so much neater and quicker than using the excavator.  If you do need to use an excavator, Peter is also very good with both digging footings and doing a sandstone block wall.

I wouldn’t use anybody else.  I thoroughly recommend Peter Faulkner to do all your earthwork jobs.