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Our Projects are many and varied....


Our range of work is great, no job is too big or too small.  Here are just a handful of jobs we have completed locally.  We are great at overcoming challenges and finding solutions that are economical and dependable.


Footings, any size! 
footing diggings

These were the footings for the Marburg vet surgery in 2016.  1,100 sq.m!

New bluestone driveway

new driveway

Long and wide driveway, smooth and cambered. 


Engineered sandstone wall
sandstone wall

Precise and angled to retain and allow drainage in the wall behind.

Random & rustic sandstone wall

rock wall

Casual placement of random sandstone blocks for a natural garden appeal. 


Site leveling for landscaping or construction
leveled ground

Site leveling is a task that requires an efficient and effective operator; Pete is just that.

Reshaping & redirecting driveways

driveway work

Make life easier and more convenient with a driveway turnaround or loop.


Walls and stairs
sandstone wall and stairs

Create terraces and access with walls and stairs.

Large wall retaining with drainage

retaining wall being built

Working with engineers is part of Pete's specialty.


garden landscaping

Our machinery and efficient operation makes short work of your landscaping designs.

Excavations for building and pools

Excavator working

We can excavate and prepare your area for that big or small project.